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cross-stitching design, art, science, tech and economics 

Tiny Museum of Biomaterials is a tiny mud house nestled in a remote village on a small hill near Rishikesh, India overlooking the Ganges.

Experience the progress via this 3D immersive IDAR scan.

Tiny Museum of Biomaterials

tiny farm friends podcast

new perspectives and developments with our friends living above ground, working with our friends below ground - the Soil, Fungi, Bacteria, and Algae. Join us on this journey to know how technology and nature could merge to form a symbiotic relationship. 

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research and explorations in the fields of architecture, bio-materials and arts.


exploring bio materials

working with materials made of orange peel, mycelium, algae, seaweed and more.



experimental art

digital explorations in physical spaces and forms, sculptures, projection mapping, augmented reality and interactive experiences.



natural building in 


a cob house in a remote village in Rishikesh, India that is our first experience.


tiny farm lab journey

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tiny farm friends



Tiny farm friends stay, eat, create, explore, build and do a lot more together.  

We always look forward to making like minded friends and the experiences we create together. 

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