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Together, we can make big changes by making lots of tiny changes.

Tiny Farm Lab is a rural circular design, research, build, and innovation studio in the woods in Rishikesh, India, working at the intersection of indigenous wisdom, art, design, technology, and science to rediscover ancient practices, bring out newer perspectives, and shape circular futures with a focus on biobased materials.

Working in our creative disciplines in isolation is no longer an option.

Nothing in nature exists alone.

We are all connected.

Tiny Farm Lab was founded to radically rethink our material practices and design new solutions for a circular future that benefits all. We aim to blur boundaries and cross-stitch multiple disciplines. We work closely with local partners, plants, soil, fungi, and bacteria. We offer design services, natural building consultation, and educational, workshops, undertake refurbishment projects, and hands-on construction, and collaborate with designers, public, private, and non-profit organizations committed to building regenrative and low-carbon built environments.


Our recent projects include researching materials, and innovative uses of regenerative materials to create beautiful, energy-efficient, low-carbon,naturally built structures. Come explore our projects and learn more about our mission to create a more sustainable future.


Our vision is to create a healthier life and a healthier planet through collective collaboration, play, and exploration.


We are on a mission to empower and inspire creatives through resources, experiences, and spaces, to foster regenerative futures.

We are passionate about engaging with our community, collaborating with other like-minded individuals and organizations, and developing innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

TFF Community

Tiny Farm Friends(TFF) is a growing intentional community of individuals working with nature - dreamers, makers, thinkers, DIYers, storytellers, nature enthusiasts, graphic designers, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, natural builders, biologists, mycologists, bio designers, fashion designers, product designers, musicians, and alternate economists.

Forest bathing at Tiny Farm Lab

TFF Podcast

At Tiny Farm Friends podcast we have Long-form conversations with people using the best of their abilities to foster a healthier world.

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