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Red Earth House - Tattooing, Snakes, & Starting a Commune with Corrie and Abhishek

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 24

How beautiful it is to find a partner who shares your dream to move to the countryside, build naturally, create art, and start a community.

Our guests today are one such curious, creative, and cute couple.

It would be safe to say that one of their love languages is giving and receiving hand-poked tattoos.

They moved to a remote rural Konkan village in Maharashtra, to live a self-sufficient life. Famous for their tattoos and snake art, Corrie and Abhishek are the founders of Red Earth House.

Picture credits: Abhishek and Corrie

Corrie is an artist, poking ink on her skin and of her friends since childhood. Now sharing her craft with other humans as sort of a prayer in a sacred setting. She believes tattoos don't just transform the body but also. mind and spirit.

" To have people come into our space if a gift and that's how we grow. "

Images Courtesy: Abhishek and Corrie Red Earth House is a place for curious beings to explore, create, and rewild. It is a breeding ground for exchanging skills, creative collaborations, joy, and laughter.

It is a transient space for artists, musicians, researchers, healers, conservationists, and meditators.

People stay over for incredible hand-poked tattoos.

Learn organic farming.

Spend endless hours finding and learning about snakes in the forest.

Make natural pigments and dyes.

Sculpt with Mud. Braid each other's hair.

Ferment Kombucha's and cook with love.

Unfortunately, we haven't crossed paths in person.

But talking to them felt like reuniting with old friends.

This is a heartwarming and unfiltered conversation. Corrie and Abhishek share their journey from meeting each other, and traveling as nomads to building Red Earth House. How they acquired the skills to build a natural house and what it taught them about life.

We dive deep into how it is to create an intentional community in a remote setting. They share the challenges that come with such a life. From carrying 30kg stones to drinking water from the nearest well. Abhishek talks about the lack of awareness about snakes in India. Corrie shares how nature influences her creativity and how they complement each other.

What You'll Learn: 🛖 Building a life in the countryside

🛖 How to start an intentional art community.

🛖 Why you shouldn't be afraid of all snakes.

🛖 Challenges of living a rural life.

🛖 Learn about alternative and intentional tattoos.

You can watch it on Youtube or stream it on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite platform. Instagram - Red Earth's House

Abhishek Shirsat:

Link to Red Earth House website:

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