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Mind Blowing | Clay Sculptures

Mobilis brings the future of banking to India with its 100% virtual banking experience. We have commissioned to create Mobilis’s visual identity online, and had a key role in creating its UI and UX for millions of users.






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India Art Fair, New Delhi

Mind Blowing is a series of interactive clay sculptures questioning how we perceive human forms and appearances. The artworks are a combination of headless clay torsos with different interactive experiences celebrating the colours and stories within human exteriors. Each piece is a research into a new perspective exploring the theories of the human mind and its perceptions, breaking away from the social and physical boundaries the mind is trapped in.


The artworks are a step towards adding to the animate within us in a playful manner. "Mind Blowing" invites viewers to engage with the sculptures in a playful manner, discovering new depths of meaning and complexity within the human form.

‘Mind Blowing’ was recently exhibited at the India Art Fair as a part of a show called ‘You Cannot Miss This’.

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