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What we do

Simple Solutions Require Complex Processes.

Our team of experts ranges from analysts and content writers to graphic designers and producers. All the resources we need to ensure a successful outcome.



Are you eager to embrace the off-grid or countryside lifestyle and construct your dream natural cob house but don't have time for a hands-on workshop or to take an online course?

Learn from the mistakes and triumphs of those who have walked this path before you.

We help people make the transition to the countryside, choose the right land and design Soulful spaces that are holistic, Mindful, Intuitive, Intelligent, Responsive, and Eco-conscious. Ready to take the first step? Kindly fill out our consultation request form, and let's shape your off-grid paradise together.



Discover a world where nature and creativity unite! At Tiny Farm Lab, our transformative residencies invite architects, artists, and eco-enthusiasts to build sustainably, embracing indigenous wisdom and biobased materials. Join our community and ignite your passion for a greener future.



We are interested in developing qualitative demonstrator buildings which radically rethink how we build - our construction methods, materials, supply chains, approach to growth. We are dedicated to develop contextually specific buildings that are beautiful robust, rooted in sustainability and positively impact the lives of the inhabitant.


Tiny Homes

We collaborate with developers and house builders to build contextually specific unique tiny homes and cabins in the wild. These buildings integrate biobased materials and regenerative construction practices. With each structure having an area under 600 sq ft, we prove that less is more when it comes to embracing simplicity and eco-consciousness. The charm of tiny living lies in its ability to connect us with nature while minimizing our environmental footprint.


Bio ARt

We explore the fascinating interactions between living organisms and the realms of creativity. we delve into the mesmerizing interplay between art, science, and technology. Through our explorations, we unearth the untapped potential of living organisms, such as fungi, bacteria, bees, and their intricate behaviors. In our studio, living organisms become the canvas for artistic expression. In our quest for innovation, we go beyond the physical world by adding layers of augmented reality to our art.


Living the 

Imagine taking dips in the river in summer and sunbathing on your porch in the winter, watching the sun go down behind the mountains, going for jungle hikes, and waking up to the birds singing.

Your dream of moving to the mountains, a serene beach town, or a quaint countryside village without sacrificing modern comforts is closer than you think!

Tiny Farm Lab is thrilled to announce our upcoming course "Living the Countryside Dream: Going Off-Grid," exclusively curated for select individuals ready to embrace sustainable living in the countryside.

Be among the first to know when our cohort launches by subscribing to our list and gain access to an inspiring free resource stash. Let's make your countryside dream a vibrant reality together!

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