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About Us

lab, museum and a lifestyle choice.

We have moved to rural pastures to live deliberately, to observe nature and learn from it, to rediscover our suppressed instincts, 
to create something sacred and most true to life with our own hands. We wanted to enjoy each process and relish slow living in the mountains.

We are interested in creating a space to explore and nurture our human potential, be our authentic selves,  have discourse on food (roti), clothing(kapda), shelter(makaan), experiment with new materials, express through art, and practice sustainability(imperfect).


Tiny Farm Lab is a consequence of a lifestyle choice. 


It is a research and experimental design rural studio nestled in the farmlands on a small hill near Rishikesh, at the confluence of river Ganges and its tributary river Heval. It is an interdisciplinary nexus of art, design, visual media, science, and nature. Our mission is to build tiny using natural materials and investigate alternate biomaterials with our living friends - Fungi, Bacteria, and Algae. Our focus lies more in the experiments than the results, bringing out newer perspectives.

We envision the lab as an open studio for the round pegs in the square holes. Tiny Farm Friends are dreamers, DIYers, storytellers, graphic designers, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, natural builders, biologists, mycologists, bio designers, fashion designers, product designers, musicians, and alternate economists. 

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