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Take the First Step

No. 003

Welcome to Tiny Farm Friends Newsletter. Every Sunday we share our continuous learning journey, practical insights, and valuable life lessons gained from living in the mountains, experiencing nature, and working with natural materials. Reading Time 4 minutes

We were heading back to the village after a 3-month monsoon break in Delhi.

The heavy rains had wreaked havoc, completely altering the landscape.

This was the first time, we had to cross a makeshift wooden bridge made using two long tree trunks and hike 2 km from the base point with 25 kg backpacks and other heavy boxes.

As we gazed at the rocky mountain that loomed ahead, the task before us seemed truly daunting.

We got cold feet and felt like giving up this dream of living the mountain life.

​We faced similar resistance building with mud. Despite attending several offline and online natural building workshops, and reading countless books, it took us months before we built a tiny rocket stove with mud.

Whether it's climbing a mountain, building a mud house, starting a podcast, or writing a novel, you always feel you are not prepared.

You do not have the fuel. You fear the unknown. You do not have enough information. You do not have the right tools. You think it's too late or too early.

You don’t need enough courage for the entire journey. You only need courage for a few seconds to overcome self-doubt before you take the next step.

Read that again.

This quote by Shane Parrish beautifully encapsulates our learning.

Living in the mountains and constructing our mud house taught us that the situation would never be “just right.” We have to start where we are, with whatever tools we have.

We learned to break down big goals into small, manageable steps, recognizing that the first step faces the maximum “inertia of life.”

When we feared failure in taking that initial step, we found solace and motivation in the timeless words of Wayne Gretzky:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Our journey has been about focussing on the first step, then the next, moving one inch closer to our goals.

Today, we humbly urge you to take the first step toward your goals, however small it may seem. We assure you that the future you will be grateful for sowing that seed today.

Tiny efforts compound over time.

We can make big changes by making lots of tiny changes.

Raghav and Ansh

PS: Book Recommendation -

The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle by Steven Pressfield

The book is about breaking through blocks that hold you back and disciplining yourself to do important work and pursue your calling.

Our favourite quote from the book:

“The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”


Your attention is precious. Thank you for reading.

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