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Creating Abundance with Sudhanshu Verma

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 22

Our guest today is a dear friend,

someone who does not like being put under labels.

He is a free soul who follows his curiosity, his inner voice.

He is a seeker, who sees life from the perspective of death.

Meet Sudhanshu Verma, a passionate Cyclist and a Filmmaker. He is known for choosing the road less traveled, literally and metaphorically. He has bikepacked across India and now dreams of seeing the world on his bicycle.

We got to spend a whole week with this kind human and got a chance to know him deeper.

Sudhanshu's journey has been a rollercoaster ride. He would prefer to say a bikecycle ride.

" Scarcity is an opportunity to find abundance. "

Images Courtesy: Sudhanshu Verma In this conversation, we dive deep into creating abundance from scarcity.

Finiding happiness in the simple things of life.

Join us as we discuss how we can build healthy routines, overcome adversity, cultivate empathy, change our relationship with money and communicate better with our loved ones

This one is our first conversation that we recorded in the outdoors.

Enjoy the heartwarming conversation.

What You'll Learn:

🌱 How to overcome the scarcity mindset

🌱 How to change your relationship with money

🌱 How to create an abundance mindset

🌱 Decluttering and becoming lighter

🌱 Importance of building routines

🌱 The value of sharing and communicating

You can watch it on Youtube or stream it on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite platform. You can reach out to Sudhanshu Verma on the following link:



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