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Rushati Chowdhury on the intersection of science, art, and Material Design

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 06

What does it mean to be a creator in the times we live in? How can you push the limits of what is possible with the matter that nature has provided us with? Our guests today sets no limit to her art or practice, rather approaches it as a prayer, a quest for meaning and authenticity. Meet Rushati Chowdhury, a visual artist, material designer and maker at the intersection of science and art. She trained in textile design and worked across the fields of fashion, accessories and material innovation in India, Italy, Germany and China before taking the leap to start her own art and material practice. She aims to give a new definition to traditional craftsmanship and visual arts, explore new materials, and push the limits of what can be possible with all the matter that nature has provided us. Her work is tactile and hands-on- a combination of biomaterials and objects to create visual narratives and immersive experiences.

" Working with biomaterials humbled me down. It made me realize how tiny we are on the grand scale of things. Someday we will have the same fate as the materials we are working on, and It doesn't end there because it is a constant cycle that goes on and on. "

Image Courtesy: Rushati Chowdhury We were mesmerized when we saw her art work "Mind after midnight" inspired by her experiences during the lockdown. In this episode, we talk about various topics ranging from the fashion industry, fast fashion, algorithm-driven design industry, biomaterials, bioplastics, and the philosophy of life and death. This episode hits all the sweet spots - motivational, intellectual, artisanal and spiritual. Rushati is extraordinary and she has surely inspired us to experiment more with biomaterials. May her story spark the flame in you to follow what is meaningful and authentic to you. Instagram: @rushatich_



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