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Not Making Sense with the Roy's in conversation with Sumit and Sujat Roy

Tiny Farm Friends Ep.09

As an artist, how can you flow and juggle many interests? How can you weave a beautiful tapestry using disparate strands of thought? Meet Sumit Roy and Sujat Roy, brothers and two multi-faceted artistic talents. You cannot put them under a label, literally. Sumit paints, designs, and raps. Sujat is an analog-loving person but a digitally fluid visual and textile designer. They both have a knack for creating witty memes. Their idea is to diss the idea itself. They work with sound, text, and image, tapping into a range of sensibilities while defying them all.

" There is space for everybody to succeed. "

Image Courtesy: Sumit and Sujat Roy They grew up watching and dissecting Indian television ads. Now, their art and music speaks for a generation of urban cultural practitioners who grew up in the face of globalization and corporatization. In this episode, we talk about their creative journeys, their endeavors- Free Speech, and Herock. In addition, we discuss the transition of art from wall to digital, decentralizing, and open-source art. This is an intimate conversation. This episode is one chock full of wisdom coated with good humor. Website: Instagram: @sumitroystudio @sujatroy Artworks Included by: @badjudgeofcharachter @thedoodlemafia @sujatroy @sumitroystudio @_eemon @poetoftheblack



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