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Moving to the Mountains, in conversation with Saanya and Sannat

Tiny Farm Friends Ep.05

We believe everything in life is art. Living well is an art. We design and build a meaningful life aligned with our beliefs, values, and interests. Many people dream of moving to the Himalayas. But how many people have the conviction to take the leap and manifest their dream? Our guests today moved to a quaint village in the Himalayas to create an intentional life in the countryside which appealed to the very core of their philosophy. Meet Saanya and Sannat, our most treasured friends and our perennial source of inspirations. Saanya is the kindest soul you will come across. She is an architect and the founder of Studio Mitti, a rural studio that works with the community and natural building materials. She loves to get her hands dirty. She enjoys farming, pottery, creating things out of waste, and building with mud. Her energy and authenticity is palpable. Sannat is an absolute powerhouse with a spring in his stride. He is an accomplished trail runner, an architect, and a personal growth enthusiast. He believes in cultivating ‘unlearning and learning’ as a lifelong virtue to maximize his potential. He treats his body like a temple, as he believes it is what will last with him for the longest time, and rightly so. Together, they are a magnificent couple and a perfect blend of empathy, tenacity, curiosity, humility, optimism, self-awareness, and conviction.

" Before you manifest it physically, you have to manifest it in your mind. Start sharing it with your core group and loved ones. That's how it starts and then the plant grows. "

Image Courtesy: Saanya and Sannat Sachdev Moving to the mountains is not an overnight event but a process that requires mental clarity. In this episode, we discuss the process of achieving mental clarity, quitting your job, convincing your family, parameters for identifying the ideal place, finding a shelter, and how one can make a living while living in the mountains. This episode is a crash course for someone looking to move to rural pastures. We hope that their story will do for you what it has done for us - bring mental clarity, build belief in yourselves, cultivate action, answer your calling and start your journey. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite hot drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation. : Instagram: @sannatsachdev @saanyarora



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