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Motivation is a myth

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“ I am going down to work, get the tea. "

I told Ansh daily as I woke up instantly from the siesta,

springing my body upright.

Just like the undertaker rises from the coffin.

Building a cob house is both labor and time-intensive.

Our mud house ate thousands of batches of cob - clay, sand, and straw mixed and foot-stomped on a tarp. The cob lumps were then compressed and sculpted to build the walls.

Mix. Stomp with your feet. Build with your hands. Repeat. Day after day.

The task was repetitive.

The daily progress we made seemed insignificant.

The summer sun was scorching.

It wasn’t just motivation that made our tired bodies wake up from our naps after a heavy desi lunch.

It was discipline.

​Motivation is perishable. It is always waiting until you ’feel like’ doing the task. Discipline is doing it even if you don’t feel like it.

As our favorite podcaster, Rich Roll, aptly puts it, 'Mood Follows Action.’

Throughout our lives, we have struggled with discipline - abandoned fitness goals, half-baked projects, and falling back to old patterns.

Building the house taught us to cultivate discipline and not count on motivation. Discipline trumps motivation.

What do you think?

Wishing you a productive week ahead!

Warm regards,

Raghav and Ansh

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