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Eggware and Beyond: Embracing Glocal Biodesign with Midushi Kochhar

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 15

At Tiny Farm Friends Podcast, we engage in inspiring conversations with remarkable individuals making a difference in the realm of sustainability and creativity. ​Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a true pioneer in the field of biodesign, the visionary and dynamic Midushi Kocchar.

As a child, Midushi's fascination with unconventional objects was evident as she collected peculiar wonders from her surroundings. From snake skins to tree barks, dry flowers, and even bones, she saw sheer beauty in the intricacies of nature. Today, she continues to channel that childhood curiosity and creativity into her groundbreaking work as an Indian industrial and biodesigner and the founder of YLEM, a circular design and research studio.

A graduate of Central St. Martins, UAL in London, UK, Midushi's expertise lies in researching materials, techniques, and methodologies that foster symbiotic relationships and promote a circular economy in our daily lives. She is also one of the co-founder of Makers on Move, a Netherlands-based sustainable-arts initiative. She relentlessly explores the intricate relationship between materials, design, science, sustainable development, and human behavior.

" Virgin materials are expensive and difficult to procure, waste is cheap and abundant. It makes great economic sense to first utilise what is discarded locally around you, that is, identify this valuable "waste" and instead of mining for new resources, utilise the discards up to their maximum capabilities."

Images Courtesy: YLEM At YLEM, Midushi and her team create bespoke and scalable product designs that seamlessly blend into our everyday lives. Their projects, such as Eggware, Hasiroo, and Plumeware, showcase her ingenuity in transforming waste materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces.

Eggware is a breakthrough creation crafted by binding calcareous food waste, i.e., eggshells, with a bio-binder. This material resembles the elegance of both ceramic and concrete while retaining its natural white hue and lightness. From tableware to candelabras, jewelry holders, and planters, Eggware offers a unique blend of functionality and eco-friendliness. After use, these pieces, rich in calcium carbonate and protein, can be crushed into bits and used for composting and nourishing soil, closing the loop of sustainability. In this captivating podcast episode, we delve into Midushi's background, her journey in founding YLEM and Makers on Move, and the development of biodesign infrastructure in India and Europe. We explore the intricacies of choosing between using waste materials versus sourcing new ones, and the impact of her work on spreading awareness about climate change and waste management. What you will learn: Prepare to be inspired as you listen to Midushi's insights and learn about the innovative intersection of design, sustainability, and biodesign. Discover the possibilities of turning waste into artful creations that not only inspire awe but also contribute to a more circular and eco-conscious future. So, dear listeners, sit back, relax, and join us in this immersive podcast episode with the visionary and dynamic Midushi Kochhar. Get ready to be amazed by her ingenuity, inspired by her creative endeavors, and empowered to make a positive impact on the world around you. You can watch it on Youtube or stream it on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite platform. You can reach out to Midushi on the following links: Website:

Instagram: @ylem.official



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