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Rethinking food, clothing and shelter with Karan Patel

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 17

Our Guest today is someone who is radically rethinking food, clothing and shelter.

What makes his story truly remarkable is his transformation from someone who couldn't distinguish between a bull and a cow to a passionate advocate for sustainable living and ancient practices.

Meet Karan Patel.

Karan is the visionary founder of Aanushrav, an awe-inspiring acre farm nestled in Anand, Gujarat. At Aanushrav, he is not just growing vegetables; he's redefining lifestyles.

His journey at Aanushrav is nothing short of a modern-day renaissance. Here, he practices sustainable agriculture, constructs with mud, dyes textiles with natural colors, bakes sourdough bread, crafts natural jams, and even formulates his hair care essentials. His quest to revive ancient lifestyles is not just talk; it's a tangible lifestyle he's brought to life.

"Natural Farming taught me patience. Natural Building taught me to let go of ego. "

Images Courtesy: Karan Patel His Instagram journey beautifully documents his endeavors, offering valuable resources for self-sufficient living.

In this enriching episode, Karan shares his background journey, his farm's unique practices, and the lessons he's learned from nature. We explore whether farm life is for everyone and delve into the integral connection between economics and sustainability.

But this conversation is more than just wisdom—it's filled with rants, humor, and laughter. Karan's passion and authenticity shine through as he paints a vivid picture of life at Aanushrav.

What You'll Learn:

How you can embody a holistic sustainable lifestyle.

How to know whether the farm life is for you.

How you can learn things by doing

Why sustainability is a journey and not a destination

Tune in as we uncover the remarkable story of a man who turned his life around to embrace sustainability, one step at a time, and how he's become an inspiration for us all. You can watch it on Youtube or stream it on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite platform. You can reach out to Karan on the following links: Instagram:



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