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Journey or Destination

No. 006

Welcome to Tiny Farm Friends Newsletter. Every Sunday we share practical insights, and valuable life lessons gained from living in the mountains and working with natural materials to empower you to live a more intentional, authentic, and meaningful life. Reading Time 3 minutes

Which is more important the journey or the destination?

Why are we so obsessed with speed?

Everywhere we travel and talk to people about what they wish for in their lives, the most frequent response (unless they are struggling with poverty or serious illness) is "a sense of community."

Why don't we have communities like before?

These are some questions we always think about.

In a world that often prioritizes speed and efficiency, we made a deliberate choice to take the slow road.

We opted for the most labor-intensive technique of cob construction.

We call it the labor of love.

For us, this house is more than just clay, sand and straw;

it's an excuse to find our tribe, to simply get people together.

​We believe that the very essence of the house is composed of the energies, dedication, and love poured into it by more than 70 individuals from over 15 countries.

We've labored side by side.

We've created more than just walls.

We've woven together a tapestry of memories.

The rewards of building slowly were immense and cannot be measured.

The joy of witnessing people roll up their pants,

sticking their toes in the cool, soft mud for the first time.

The laughter and heart-to-heart conversations,

dancing to music from across the world.

People rediscovered their intuitive minds as they sculpted with mud.

We see this house as a testament to the incredible capacity for unity, love, and cooperation that lies within each of us.

It's a celebration of our human potential.

A beautiful reminder that we need each other’s gifts.

It’s true. Happiness is only real when shared.

People came as strangers and left as a family (TFFs - Tiny Farm Friends).

We are grateful for those who have shared this journey with us, and for those who are yet to join, we are excited about the good times ahead.

Which is more important the journey or the destination?

It's the company along the journey that truly matters.

Wishing you a Slow Sunday!

Raghav and Ansh


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