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Dungse: Shit Matters, in conversation with Itika Gupta

Tiny Farm Friends Ep.04

A central theme of our podcast is the power of curiosity to catalyse personal and societal change. Our favourite people are the ones who never stopped questioning the status quo and are constantly asking 'what ifs' and 'whys.' Meet our guest today, Itika Gupta. Itika is a curious kid from the Himalayas, who sees the world as a network of systems, connections, patterns, and overlaps. Her interests traverse across various fields, from design, systems, the cosmos, mythology, neuroscience, trees, breathing, airplanes, composting, stars to quantum physics. She is a proud systems designer who studied electrical engineering, liberal arts, business and finally found solace in design. She is the founding partner at Studio Carbon, a studio that works at the intersection of design, systems, and storytelling.

" Europe, it's a trend. In India, it was a way of life. India just needs to look within and embrace. "

Image Courtesy: Studio Carbon and Studio Lindey Cafsia In this insightful conversation, we talk about circular economy, biomaterials, cow dung, Dungse, design culture and infrastructure in Netherlands and India. Dungse is the result of a collaboration between Studio Lindey Cafsia and Studio Carbon. Dungse is a range of new circular building materials made out of cowdung. Dungse aims at giving the age-old natural material cow dung a contemporary spin by combining modern design skills with ancient indigenous knowledge. Listen to the conversation until the end as Itika leaves you with curious 'What if' questions to ponder upon. Itika is an absolute force. Her drive and curiosity will surely rub on you. There is a lot to learn from her wisdom and experiences. Thank you and enjoy the show. Contact Studio Carbon: Instagram: Website: Email:



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