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Do the Hard Things

No. 005

Welcome to Tiny Farm Friends Newsletter. Every Sunday we share practical insights, and valuable life lessons gained from living in the mountains and working with natural materials to empower you to live a more intentional, authentic, and meaningful life. Reading Time 3 minutes

Every Man Should Pull a Boat Over a Mountain Once in His Life.

Werner Herzog

In Herzog's famous movie, "Fitzcorraldo,” they moved a big paddleboat over a mountain in the jungle in Peru.

For Herzog, giving up on a project because it’s hard, meant living the life of a man without dreams.

We didn't actually move a boat over a mountain.

But, some people say our cob house looks like a steamboat floating over the Ganges.

​In a way, building the house felt a bit like dragging a boat over a mountain.

We found the mud right on the site.

We had to carry all the other things we needed to build -

wooden poles,




rocks, and more.

We carried them on our heads, shoulders, and backs over a 2 kilometers trek through the forest in all kinds of weather.

There is always something we know we should do, but we avoid doing it because it appears to be…hard.

We were guilty of always taking the easier path even though we knew, the easy path today creates a hard path tomorrow.

One of the many reasons for moving to the mountains was to explore our human potential, push our boundaries, and do the hard things.

That is how we would develop grit, perseverance, and courage.

We agree with what David Goggins says,

"You don’t gain confidence by going to the spot that makes you feel good.”

Living in the mountains, we realized that you build confidence by taking on tough challenges and going the extra mile. Our brain values effort.

The effort itself is rewarding.

It teaches us long-term growth.

Plus, the more challenging the road, the less competition you'll find along the way.

So, challenge yourself to do hard things.

Build things.

Start a new hobby.

Run a half-marathon.

Lift weights.

Go on a solo trek.

Solve the Rubik’s cube.

Do whatever helps you build a growth mindset and change your thinking from

"This looks tough" to "I can do it.”

The proof you can do hard things is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.

Nat Eliason

Pull your own boat up a mountain.

Think about a challenge or goal that seems 'hard' to you. What's one small step you can take today to start working towards it, even if it's just a tiny move in that direction?

Have an incredible Sunday!

Raghav and Ansh

P.S. - We love you too!


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