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Creating Sensistan, Tech Art & Communities with Stephanie & Shammi

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 07

As an artist, it is hard to find a space where you get to collaborate, experiment, and create freely. Our guests today - Stephanie and Shammi are the creators of one such space, Sensistan. They are on a mission to provide a unique space for inspiration and learning to meet the demand for tech- and experience-based entertainment in India. Sensistan provides immersive and interactive experiences that expand people’s senses through combining technology and interactive art. Installations, performances and services provide a multi-sensory playground for adults and children. ​​ This phantasmagorical space in Goa, designed by enthralling artists, architects, engineers and visionaries from India and the world, invites visitors to explore, while entertaining all 6 senses. Complemented with DIY prototyping workshops, labs & talks (STEAM), a niche product fair, events & immersive performances and food-tech inspired gastronomy.

" You are not going to solve all the problems by providing art. But at the same time, by helping positivity, people are better equipped to face the daily life challenges they are facing. That is true in every country. "

Image Courtesy: Sensistan ​The place is inclusive and accessible for all while being sustainable and strengthening a circular economy. Shammi kick-started his side career as a projection mapper and co-founded first an NGO and second the social enterprise Sensistan, after 14 years of international experience in India, the USA, and Colombia in finance and technology sectors across industries from start-ups to global firms. Before setting up Sensistan, Steph had 12 years of international experience in advising, designing, and implementing large-scale humanitarian development projects and policies for the UN and Germany. Also worked in the private sector and academia on tech innovations. We share a mutual love for interactive light art, and their unconditional support, both as art curators and friends, has been a blessing. Conversation with them is always insightful, and this conversation is no different. We dig deep into the creation of Sensitan, the story of Sista, the struggles attached with starting a museum in India during a pandemic, and creating a close-knit multidisciplinary art community that thrives on collaboration. Website: Instagram: @sensistan



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