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Building Resilience with Christina Ransbury

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 23

Our guest today is a dreamer who wants to make this world a beautiful example of what humans are capable of.

Christina Ransbury is an interior and architecture designer, who strives to use low-carbon building methods that not only stand the test of time but prioritize the health of our planet.

If you follow her on Instagram, she shares gorgeous, aesthetic but informative diagrams on building using passive solar strategies and climate specific architecture.

She spent most of her 20s managing a 10-acre off-grid property on the east side of Maui navigating the finances, relationships, and all the systems.

Christina believes not only in creating more carbon efficient buildings on this planet, but to help increase the health of the individuals residing within a space by addressing the energetic effects of how a building holds us.

" We need more safe spaces so we can flow freely about our daily activities, and in turn bring our best-selves to the table. "

Images Courtesy: Christina Ransbury In this conversation, we dive deep into understanding what it means to build resilience and how we can achieve sustainability in a pragmatic way.

Join us as we discuss how we can improve the desirability of natural buildings, promote our work as natural builders, and create buildings that effect the wellbeing of individuals.

Christina also shares some valuable book recommendations.

This conversation is authentic and a chock full of wisdom.

What You'll Learn:

🛖 Pragmatic approach to sustainability

🛖 What is greenwashing?

🛖 Increasing the desirability of natural building

🛖 Passive Solar vs Passive House

🛖 How to Build Resilience

🛖 Using a pattern language in architecture design

You can watch it on Youtube or stream it on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite platform. Christina's Instagram - Christina's website:

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