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Cheer Project: Creating a symbiotic circular economy using pine needles with Gaurav MK Wali

Tiny Farm Friends Ep.08

How can we design circular, regenerative, inclusive, and resilient futures? How are the roles of designers changing? Today we dig into these questions and talk about the story of the cheer project which has been exhibited at various esteemed exhibitions internationally and won several awards. Gaurav is a young designer who did not play it safe and took the road less traveled by during his graduation. He is an industrial and material designer from India, working against design’s monoculture. He enjoys working with his hands, creating and repairing objects.

" Once you are working with your hands, you are in touch with what you are working on, your creation. It is a very tangible thing. It is a very engaging process, and it gives you faith in the material. "

Image Courtesy: Gaurav MK Wali ​'Cheer Project' is a research into pine needles in which the abundant and unwanted material is developed into a 100% bio-based and biodegradable composite material. The objective of the Cheer Project was to come up with socially useful solutions for the problem of overabundance of dried pine needles and its hazardous environmental repercussions. It seeks to reinvent the way we perceive pine needles to provide a solution for these complex and interrelated problems. In addition, we discuss the joy of working with hands, design trends and the changing role of a designer in solving the social and environmental problems the world faces. This is a spirited conversation. We appreciate his art, courage, and wisdom. May this episode equally inspire you. Website: Instagram: @wali_who_makes



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