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Honing Curiosity, Crafts, and Woodworking with Anjali Lohia

Tiny Farm Friends Ep. 14

In this episode we Discover the World of Woodworking Through the Lens of Curiosity with our guest Anjali Lohia.

​Hailing from the bustling city of Delhi, India, Anjali found her true calling in the mesmerizing world of woodworking. What started as a desire to connect intimately with nature soon blossomed into a profound passion for crafting with wood. As she crafts and collaborates with this versatile material, Anjali gains insights into its properties, moods, and enigmatic characteristics. Together, we explore the intersection of craftsmanship, curiosity, and nature's beauty in the hands of this talented artisan. Currently, Anjali is honing her skills and delving deeper into the world of fine woodworking at The Krenov School. Guided by the school's philosophy, she approaches her craft with heightened sensitivity and a profound connection to nature.

" I like to work with wood because, like my thoughts, I find wood too is ever-changing and dynamic, which is often quite difficult to predict."

Images Courtesy: Anjali Lohia In this enriching podcast, we embark on an intriguing journey with Anjali as she shares her experiences and insights. We explore the transition from photography to woodworking, the inertia of starting a new craft, and the influence of Japanese culture and studio Ghibli movies on her artistic endeavors.

What you will learn: Anjali's passion for her craft and her unwavering curiosity will inspire you to embrace new creative endeavors and seek out the hidden wonders that lie within every medium. Enjoy this enlightening podcast with the one and only Anjali Lohia, whose passion, creativity, and craftsmanship will undoubtedly leave you in awe. You can watch it on Youtube or stream it on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite platform. You can reach out to Anjali on the following links: Instagram: @_ki.ato


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