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Hybrid Calendar Planner 2024 + HCP OS (Limited edition - 20 Prints)



Hybrid Calendar Planner 2024
is not too minimal
or loud.
It is subtle.
It is a perfect union of functionality and flexibility.



1) High-Quality A1 size Print HCP Calendar (33.1 x 23.4 inches / 841 х 594 mm).

2) Access to 'Hybrid Calendar Planner Operating System' (Notion Template)

Never been a fan of calendars or planners as I always felt there is a bit too much effort in maintaining them, plus the added anxiety was just not worth it. After having a total blah 2020 (like most of you guys), I opted to get one in 2021 from Tiny Farm Lab. Cannot emphasize enough how a top-level view of the entire year put things into perspective. Some small space to write things only that’s relevant is a major plus. And those dotted grids! -Ritika Arora


» FRESH outlook

» FUN to play around with

» FLEXIBLE to adapt to your needs


We call it our 4 Fs.


This calendar will make 2024 feel like spring after a dark, bleak winter.


Let the right side of the brain run wild and unleash your creativity.

» Use colored tapes, colored pens, make your symbols to track habits

» Use Stickers or sketch emoticons

» Use magnets to start and stop if you stick it over metal surfaces.

I enjoy using sticky notes for my work. This calendar provide me enough space to make a mess and it evolved into an art itself on my wall. -Neeraj Bansal


» Visualize and follow up on the whole year in one view

» Portrait calendar reflects the passing of time

» Word prompts to remind you to spend time on meaningful things

» Optimum utilization of space

» Saturday and Sunday clubbed together to plan your weekends

» First day of the month highlighted distinctly

I think it is a window into your life like you are here, what did I do this year, everything is in front of you! It's amazing! -Kanav and Triti


Adapt it to your needs.

» Personal

» Professional

» Social

" Being a PCOD patient, it has always been very difficult to keep a track of my menstrual cycle, and apps like Flow would make me anxious by telling me how late my period was. HCP calendar, helped me track my menstrual cycle for the time in 18 years, without getting a panic attack. I absolutely liked noting down small-small activites I wanted to keep a track of at the same time being creative with the labels. For a person who's very lazy to write in their journal, tinyaf calendar is best for bullet journaling and tracking habits. " -Vasudha Grover



Use the QR CODE to access your HCP OS - carefully curated templates, questions, and resources to help you reflect, plan, and execute your goals and get 1% better daily.

» Resources - Tiny Farm Friend's curated resources.

» Personal Almanac

» Things you can do Annually - Reflections and Goal setting templates

» Things you can do Quartery - Fear setting template

» Things you can do Weekly - Questions template for journal prompts

» Things you can do Daily - 5 minute journal

DATE SQUARE // (25.4mm x 25.4mm)

Use the square space to mark your date and events.

The dotted grid (63.5 x 63.5 mm) acts as a structure and checkboxes for bullet journaling and tracking habits.

STICK- A-NOTE // (75 mm x 75 mm)

Paste the sticky notes brick (75 mm x 75 mm) in the space given.

» Daily to-do lists

» Grocery lists

» Quote of the day

» Reminders

» Important alerts

» Draw cartoons


Use this flexible space to adapt to your needs.

» Bucket lists

» Weekly highlights

» Habit Tracker legend

» Gratitude journal


» Use the space to remember the anniversaries of your loved ones

» National Holidays

» Mark important events

» Quarterly targets

KINDLY READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: SHIPPING Frames shown in the pictures are for representational purpose only. Frames are not included with this purchase. The A1 print is rolled and shipped in a safe Craft Tube Packaging ideal for gifting and ready for framing.

Free shipping all over India.

For International orders please contact us at



If you plan to frame it, it is best to take the Calendar print directly to the framer. 

We recommend using a natural wooden frame of a thickness of 1/2 inch (Half an inch). 

However, you can choose any thickness and color that suits your wall aesthetic.

Make sure the framer does not cover it with glass. 

You could either hang it on the wall or keep it on your desk.


Instead of framing, you could pin it on a soft board, use magnets on a metal surface, or use appropriate tacks and tapes for tacking on walls and doors.

Please use clean hands while handling the calendar.

I think it was one of my best purchases made. It helped me keep track of my major events throughout the year and also wedding shoots. When you write something you become accountable to complete that thing rather than just keep it in mind or speak. I really love the 📅 and would definitely get one for the next year! - Sudhanshu Verma

Use #hybridcalendarplanner to show us your creativity.

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Instagram handle - @tinyfarmfriends @tinyfarmlab

Please write to us if you have any queries or suggestions.

You can also DM us on Instagram.

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