Not Making Sense
with the Roy's

in conversation with Sumit and Sujat Roy

As an artist, how can you flow and juggle many interests? How can you weave a beautiful tapestry using disparate strands of thought?

Meet Sumit Roy and Sujat Roy, brothers and two multi-faceted artistic talents.

You cannot put them under a label, literally. 


Sumit paints, designs, and raps. Sujat is an analog-loving person but a digitally fluid visual and textile designer. They both have a knack for creating witty memes. Their idea is to diss the idea itself. They work with sound, text, and image, tapping into a range of sensibilities while defying them all. 

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 8.08_edited.jpg

" There is space for
  everybody to succeed. "



Image Courtesy: Sumit and Sujat Roy


They grew up watching and dissecting Indian television ads. Now, their art and music speaks for a generation of urban cultural practitioners who grew up in the face of globalization and corporatization. 


In this episode, we talk about their creative journeys, their endeavors- Free Speech, and Herock.


In addition, we discuss the transition of art from wall to digital, decentralizing, and open-source art. 

This is an intimate conversation.

This episode is one chock full of wisdom coated with good humor. 


Instagram: @sumitroystudio


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