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House of Biomaterials (WIP)

An Exhibition in the shape of a Hand-Sculpted House.

A tiny museum of Biobased materials

The hand-sculpted mud house (construction in progress) is nestled in a remote village on a small hill near Rishikesh, India overlooking the Ganges.

The idea is to exhibit art installations, sculptures, and interior products made using the biomaterials like wood, mycelium, seaweed extracts, algae, eggshell waste, orange peel, coffee waste, clay, etc. 

"We want to create something sacred and most true to life with our own hands."

The structure is made using the cob technique (Clay soil + Straw). The house has a stone foundation and shall have a reciprocal + Living roof. The majority of the building material (Stone and soil) has been sourced within 200 Mts of the building site. The windows have been sourced from the secondary market and have been retrofitted.

We are currently hand sculpting the house with our labor of love, with the help of volunteers and locals. 

The mission is to instill belief and empower rural and urban people to build their dwellings with circular materials for minimum ecological impact. Also, to set an example of an eco-conscious homestay model. The project benefits and aims to generate more rural employment within the village and upgrade their existing skills by involving them in the process. 

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Volunteer with us

If you would like to volunteer on this project, kindly check out the volunteer page.

Collaborate with us

If you are a material designer and would love to collaborate with us on this house,

please write to us at

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