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Tiny Farm Friends #TFF 

The Tiny Farm Friends NFT collection is a celebration of

nature's intelligence and diverse beauty.

Each #TFF is uniquely crafted and represents natural materials

and living organisms found below and above ground.

Like nature, the collection will grow over time. 

Become a #TFF

Tiny Farm Friends Available on OpenSea

#TFF Story

Tiny Farm Friends believe...

Nothing in nature exists in isolation. 

We are all connected. 
We grow together as a community by sharing knowledge and resources.

Our collective effort bears an unprecedented transformational power. 

Tff character background.jpg

#TFF Vision

Tiny Farm Friends is a community of round pegs in the square holes, artists, dreamers, makers, thinkers, using the best of their abilities to foster a more inclusive, beautiful, and sustainable world.


The vision is to blur boundaries and cross-stitch design, science, art, technology, economics to create innovative, eco-conscious solutions.


It is more than a piece of art and a digital collectible but is an attempt to educate how nature and technology could fuse. The long-horizon vision is to explore how collectively we can dream and shape meaningful, regenerative futures by nurturing each other's potential.

Perks of being a #TFF 

Become a Tiny Farm Friend, NFT community funded social brand and think tank of the future.

- High Quality Profile PFP

- Admission to Tiny Farm Festival 2023, 2024, 2025

- Exclusive invites to private events and Tiny Farm Experiences.

- Get NFT airdrops from  TFF affiliated artists.

- A Special role in our Discord Group

- Weekend stay at the Tiny Farm Friends Theme mud house in the mountains.

- Get Early access to Tiny Farm Lab content, online courses, podcasts, etc. 

- Mention on our website and on the #TFF wall in our studio.


We are a tiny team of young artists and architects who are nature enthusiasts.

Our tiny farm is our studio, playground, and experimental lab.

We enjoy having the right balance of both worlds -

analog and digital, nature and technology.

Photos or TFF characters

#TFF Guide

Where can I get these Tiny Farm Friends?

You can buy the TFF characters on Open Sea.

How many TFFs will be minted?

You can buy the TFF characters on Open Sea.

How do I know when the next drop is?

You can buy the TFF characters on Open Sea.

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